Wednesday, May 25, 2011

finally all dats stupid things come out.. even though it make me crazy + hate +  but
 alhamdulillah finally i got the answer.. yeah i must wake up face the reality and starts to walk and create a new colourfull + wonderful life.. yeah yasmin.. those only the juz a stupid things k..
 its not the ending of your journey but its the starting..like playing DAYTONA .. 
" gentlemen..start your engine " and in my version..
 " yasmin.. start your life"..and this tyme i want to be a selfish person.
 ( only with the certain people only).. huhu cite pasal DAYTONA teringat plak kat dia..huhu lawan game tuh kat wangsa walk..
1st round aku kalah..dia cakap "..lesen keta tuh dah leh gunting lah"..haha and next round i won.. so he deserve to eat back his word..taraaaa... 

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