Thursday, October 28, 2010

once again u broke my heart

dedicate to the person that had sharing life for 3 years..

once again u broke my heart..
once again u lie..
once again u throw me in a big black hole..
once again u make my life so lonely..

u know how much i love u..
u know how deep my heart..
u know how much i needs u..
u know what will happen to me without u..

M... why?..
why.. u said i'm nothing for u..
why.. u compared me to another girl..
Why ...can't I forget you?
Why.... can't I get you out of my head?
Why... can't I stop crying?
Why ...do I feel dead?

When we were together
I felt so alive,
and now I don't even know
if I can survive.

i really love u..
but i really hate u because u had throw me and my love in a drain
M..how could u do this to me after 3 years?..we had been together for a quit long time but u still can't understand me
u still want another girl..

di saat menunggu ulangtahun kita..kau musnahkan semuanya..betapa kejamnya dirimu..


  1. min...sbar k...cinta ni x slalu nye indah..kuatkn smnagt..ape pn yg blaku, hdup msti kne ceria k...