Sunday, October 10, 2010

what da solution?

aku ada big prob..dah lamer dah tp still haunted my all day life until now..urmm..aku pernah couple ngn sorg boy ni..im just name him as M..dah nk masuk 3 tahun dah..kami break masa bulan 4 and be together again b4 raya tp sminggu je kot..dlm masa aku mengambil masa utk lupakan dia b4 couple balik tu ada close ngn seorg classmate aku..and tnpa di sangka he fall in love with me..mula2 aku dah tolak coz aku dpt rasa yg aku ngn ex aku can be together again.and YES! i'm with M again..tp dalam masa aku couple balik ngn M aku rasa kesian stg kt F ( my classmate ).. and aku bingung aku break ngn M. mlm raya aku msg M. and M kata dia dah ada awek..huh rasa cm berpinar2 je mata aku..dan takungan aku terus pecah. my raya very2 spoil la.. and after raya i ask him bout his life and said that i'm still love him..terperanjat beruk aku when he said that actually he still love me and don't love his gf.. and dia ckp he will breakup with that girl..aaaarrrhhh..so pity..but im happy coz i will get him back. day by day aku still xnmpk yg dia akan break and i'm decide to go on with F..mayb i love F as i love M..and suddenly M choose me.. now F go away...away.. from my life. even now im with M but i don't think he's totally mine coz he and his ex still calling each other s "SAYANG"  and " B"..whut sould i do now?..im so stress..!! and it had ruined my life 

M..should we just throw away our 3 years love?

M and F please don't break my heart and i'll won't break ur heart..we are friends 4ever


  1. let go de both hearts..glue back ur heart 1st b4 accept other loves..

  2. wth?
    for sure,M is never good for u. n im sorry to say that,but for a guy who did the same thing like that over n over again,never seems to b ur fate dear :)

  3. the red yellow..i can't coz he is part of my life..i'm not enough strong dear :(