Wednesday, October 13, 2010

who is truly friend?..

i'm very upset  with my friends. not all but some of them..yes i'm know i'm not the perfect person but they shouldn't blame me for a long time. because of my mistake they act like stranger.  im a normal human always do the mistake but why they were not forgive me?..ok im understand that what i do is about their bestie but how about the others?..some of them previously very close to me but suddenly change. why they won't 4give me?..even the person that i create da problem already 4give me.. act aku bukanlah nak berkira sgt ngn member2 coz i know they have a right to do whutever thay want to do.. but diorg xpk ke masa diorg susah and perlukan pertolongan dulu sape nk yg tolong?..dengan sape yg diorg mintak tolong?..even aku banyak kerja pun aku still tolong diorg. aku bagi pinjam duit kt diorg aku hantar diorg nk g mana pon..aku teman diorg wherever they want to go..but now im really in probs.. when i ask their help everyone refuse to help me. everyone give a thousand trillion reason. im very2 sad and sumtimes i'll feel regret to help them. masyaAllah sampai camtu skali aku pk..im very2 sad.. kawan yg dulunya bergelak ketawa sama2 ngn aku time senang sekarang masing2 melarikan diri. terserempak kt mana2 pun xtegur.. friends yg dulunya always smile bila terjumpa kt mana2 sekarang pandang slek kt aku..sampai bila korg nk hukum aku camni?..korg nk aku wt ape sebenarnya?..

SHAHIRA SHUHAIRI u r da best freind dat i ever have
dear shera, 


  1. yunk,y u ltk pic 2??malu i..hahahahah..nway,thanks dear..u r my BESTFREN4EVA!!!!....n plis rmber,i alwtz here 4 even i'm mad at u or so on..do 4give me if i not bein a gud fren 2 u..lurve u WANYASMINFITRI...<3

  2. tbah hdapi sgalanya k...x sume org sme...ssah nk cri kwn yg mmg btul2 kwn...kwn ni ibarat psir di pntai...trlalu sukar di cari n di mngertikn...kuatkn smngat...chaiyok2.. (^_^)